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Aftercare reminders

– be healthy and you will heal faster.
– eat nutritiously and be hygienic.
– clean with sterile saline for five minutes two time a day.
– Fully saturate a cotton ball, gauze or paper towel with sterile saline. Hold the saturated cotton ball, gauze or paper towel directly on piercing with light pressure (about the amount of pressure used to apply a temporary tattoo) for 5 minutes two times per day. DO NOT USE Q-TIPS TO CLEAN YOUR PIERCINGS! A saline soak should loosen/remove any crust, dirt or debris from your piercing.


– only touch piercing when you are cleaning it, with clean hands or gloved hands
– remove “crusties” (dried lymph) by applying a warm sterile saline compress for 5 minuets or by letting warm water run over your piercing in the shower. This should help remove any dirtdebris etc.
– Avoid alcohol, nicotine
– see your piercer ASAP if you get a rash, irritation, have extreme swelling or if you have any questions or concerns.
– If you think you have an infection seek medical attention.
– Some piercings can take up to a year to fully heal. Switching out your jewelry too soon, too often, or to poor quality jewelry can seriously irritate your piercing.


– Play, touch, rotate or move your jewelry.
– Turn/slide/move your jewelry to loosen “crusties”
– clean with alcohol, soap or hydrogen peroxide
– over clean your piercing
– swim, take baths or use a hot tub
– let others bodily fluids near your piercing.
– sunbathe or use tanning beds.
– clog your piercing with creams, ointments, oils or makeup.
– do not use q-tips to clean your piercing with.

Appropriate aftercare products

– Packaged sterile saline solution with no additives (read the label)
– NeilMed wound wash (piercing aftercare)
– Wound Wash Saline
– Simply Saline
– Saline Wound Wash
– Use a clear waterproof bandage if you go swimming
– Tegaderm, is a clear breathable bandage that is safe to put over your fresh and healed piercings

Hints and Tips

– unless there is a problem with the size, style or material leave your jewelry in at all times. Fresh and even healed piercings can shrink/close with in minuets of your jewelry being out.
– if you need to down size the length of you jewelry and your piercing is fresh, please see your piercer. They will gladly do that for you.
– if your jewelry/ball/end of your jewelry falls out, DO NOT attempt to re insert any jewelry UNLESS your piercing is fully healed and you are comfortable/confident to do so yourself (wash the jewelry you are going to re-insert with hot soapy water.) If you need help re inserting jewelry/ball/ends in a fresh/healing piercing please see your piercer ASAP.